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Animal waste management systems are designed for the proper handling, storage and utilization of wastes generated from animal confinement operations and include a means of collecting, scraping or washing wastes from confinement areas into appropriate waste storage structures. Controlling runoff from roofs, feedlots and loafing areas are also part of these systems (see Loafing Lot BMP and Barnyard Runoff BMP for more information). Adequate storage ensures wastes are only applied when crops can use the accompanying nutrients and soil and weather conditions are appropriate.

Initiation protocol:

Contact the local Soil Conservation District for plans and design assistance.

Public acceptance:

Widely accepted.

Implementation Factors (level of difficulty):


Funding Sources / Options:

The Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share (MACS) Program. The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the University of Maryland Agriculture Extension has plans available for stack houses and compost facilities. These structures are well designed and are required by NRCS for cost-sharing programs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 319 Grant Program funding is also a potential source of funding that can be used for various portions from design to implementation of this practice.


Costs estimated as $ per animal unit of practice installed.

Cost Estimates EPA MDA Average
Initial $475 $348 $411.50
Annual $36 $- $36
Lifespan (yrs) 10 15
Annualized $83.50 $23.20 $53.35


No unit load reduction values have been calculated for this BMP. MDA estimates $30,000 per chicken operation (100,000 birds = 400 AUs (Animal Units)) or $90,000 per 145-AU livestock operation. The average of these two estimates is $348 per animal unit.

Load Reduction Efficiency:

Average Total Nitrogen removed per animal unit per year = N/A

Average Total Phosphorous removed per animal unit per year = N/A

Average Total Suspended Solids removed per animal unit per year = N/A

Climate Change Considerations:


Planning Questions to Consider:

Technical Notes:


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