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Average Total Nitrogen removed per linear foot of practice per year.


Average Total Phosphorous removed per linear foot of practice per year.

$ per linear foot of practice installed.

$ per acre of practice installed.

$ per animal unit of practice installed.

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Connections to Sewer

Traditional sewer systems connect residential homes directly to a sewer line that conveys waste to the local wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). This is most common in

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A woodchip bioreactor consists of a trench of varying depth and width, depending on local conditions, filled with woodchips. The water level is controlled to cover the

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Wet Ponds and Wetlands

A water impoundment structure that intercepts stormwater runoff then releases it to an open water system at a specified flow rate. These structures retain a permanent

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Urban Stream Restoration, Living Shoreline, Regenerative Stomwater Conveyance (RSC)

Stream restoration is a set of activities that help improve the environmental health of a river, creek or stream. These activities aim to restore the natural

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Permeable Pavement

The most commonly used permeable pavement surfaces are pervious concrete, porous asphalt and permeable interlocking concrete pavers. Other options include plastic and

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Bioretention/Rain Gardens

Bioretention facilities (cells, swales or planters) are engineered to treat and infiltrate a specific amount of stormwater. They have exact design criteria to ensure

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Urban Tree Planting/Urban Tree Canopy

Urban tree planting involves planting trees on urban pervious areas at a rate that would produce a forest-like condition over time. The intent of the planting is to

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